Values Statement

Scorpion Security Group

Always demonstrate trust and ethics with all people we interact with ensuring we provide the highest quality personalised security service and maintain at a competitive cost.


  • Focus our energy for a safer community
  • Stand up with integrity and industry
  • Be outstanding and presentable
  • Respect the Individual’s privacy
  • Be relevant today and ready for tomorrow

We will communicate truthfully whilst maintaining confidentiality. Act with integrity, honesty and have courage to be forthright as Security Officers.

We must speak and ensure our actions are implemented with courtesy, treat all people fairly, civilly with politeness and decency as to how we are being addressed.

We must uphold the values, beliefs and code of conduct for security officers. We must demonstrate this with accountability for our actions.

We should also accept the cultural diversity of all people, no matter what level of living conditions or public standing in our community.

Our Uniform and badge will represent our Company, as Security Officers.

Scorpion Security Group